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24 July, 2009

KSE Predictions

Fluctuating within a range of 100 point , yesterday KSE 100 index maintained its bullish momentum. The volume also expanded 55.7 percent . So it’s a healthy sign. DGKC was the leader on turnover of 19.71mn shares, JSCL (17.85mn), OGDC (15.82mn), LUCK (12.19mn) and UBL (11.45mn). Yesterday, more of a balance was witnessed between the demand and supply forces. Though, despite negative divergence observed on 14-day RSI, the market action above its short-term averages keeps the immediate outlook positive. For today, sustainability above 7,790-7,750 should look for 7,914-7,942 levels, resistance can come up around 8000 level. Failure to do so, would put focus at 7700 levels.


19 July, 2009

KSE Predictions

KSE is getting stablized now.People are getting back into it as ongoing load shedding has adversely effected the other businesses.So investors are coming back to stocks

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Gold Price Predictions

Well gold is at very lucrative position for short term.The ongoing oil prices and expected devalue of Dollar makes gold a product to invest.So,go for short term contract

15 July, 2009

Gold Price Predictions

I have got a mail from richard asking about crossing of 1000$.Well dear from my point of view this level will be broken but not yet.So feel safe that the train is not leaving yet.At present the bullish beahviour is due to present situation of the world ecnomics,the rise in oil prices has shifted some investors in the oil markets but the demand of gold is still there.At present it seems difficult to break the barrier of 975$.Gold is bearish in short terms and tend towards little bearish in long term.

i think one should target the limit 960$ for now on and put stop loss at 930