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25 June, 2009

Gold Price Predictions

i think gold is taking correction so its time to wait a little.
but if u regularly trade then

short term:short gold 923 - 927, sell 929
long term: buy gold 912 - 893 , stop loss 890

Preffered Stocks At KSE

Today’s Strategy:

Place stop-buy above 7130~7150
targeting 7220~7230 levels.

Preferred Stocks:

23 June, 2009

Latest Preffered KSE Stocks

Suggested Scripts:


20 June, 2009

Preffered Stocks At KSE

Well after all the efforts the market is still volatile and the post budget scenario remians the same as before.Rather i will say that the powerfull scripts are bearish now and to tell u the truth i think there is no hope for better things in near future.
However ,i still stand by the day trade method with limited exposure.The upward trends in interantional oil market is making Oil stocks little prefferable.At the same time FFC is also performing well.FFC has recently been axed,it will go up so you can buy it.

10 June, 2009

Guess The Usage of Wapda Transformer?

This is the Picture which has been sold to BBC.
The Person Who Submitted it, He informed them that WAPDA workers are trying to remove the moisture from the Transformer's Oil by heating it with coal fire under it.


05 June, 2009

Latest Preffered KSE Stocks

Although the situation in stock markets are bit risky but there are few shares which have proved themselves as all time gold.

My recomended stocks:

my approach remains the same ,play low and play safe.One of the best way is that dont go for delivery, just use day trade with upper & lower limits.E.g if at day end some stock price is 23.
then u can place order for next day as buy at 22.3 and sell at 23.5.This will surely give u something without exposing you to unnncasary harms

1. ANL ( it has just touched its all time bottom so now its on upward trend, buying this bullish stock is great apportunity)


3. DCL (risky but good for small investors)